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Here at Clinic4U, we provide the efficient and complete dental care you deserve, while always extending personalized service in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

Our professional team works with quality dental labs and use only the finest aesthetic materials to keep your teeth strong and healthy. 

We are committed to keeping your whole mouth healthy and helping you determine the best plan for oral healthcare.
Your smile says a lot about you, so let us make it unforgettable!

We provide the efficient and complete dental care you deserve, while always extending personalized service in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. We are a Dublin Dentist. Our professional team works with quality dental labs and use only the finest aesthetic materials to create healthy, strong and sparkling teeth. We are committed to keeping your whole mouth healthy and helping you determine the best plan for oral homecare. Your smile says a lot about you, so let us make it unforgettable! Our customers say:

Dr Ravin has been remarkable. Her patience and knowledge has eased any nervousness or apprehension I had. The care I received at Intermed Dental Clinic has made me feel as if I am truly cared for, not only as a patient but as a person. I am so excited to see my results of my Invisalign and I’m glad that Dr. Ravin will be there to help through each step of the way!! 

The Clinic4u Dental Care team is a Dublin Dentist and committed to making each of your dental visits exceptional. We regularly attend continuing education courses, so we can provide you with state-of-the-art treatments and technology. Whether you prefer teeth whitening, veneers or other cosmetic dentistry procedures or you need restorative care, such as white fillings and crowns, periodontal therapy or dental implants, we posses the skills and experience to serve you and your smile well for years to come.

If you’re looking for an experienced dentist with a caring and competent staff, you can trust in Clinic4u Dental Clinic.

Our entire team as a Clinic4u Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing you with the personalised gentle care that you deserve and desire.

Our mission is to improve your health, well being and happiness with your smile through all of our dental services and treatments!

Our priority is putting your family’s dental needs first and we are committed to providing and retaining excellent dentistry in even the smallest of communities

We believe in affordable speciality health and dental care for all.

You no longer have to travel abroad for affordable dental care.


(Please ask your dentist to advise you of treatment costs)

Routine Exam €20
Prescription €20
Panoramic x-ray / one unit x-ray €40/20
CT / 3D Scan €120
Stiches remove €20-40
Cleaning & Polishing €40-60
Cleaning & Polishing + Air Sanding €90
Deep cleaning with curetage (root planning) €200
Teeth whitening (FREE consultation, FREE Scale & Polish) €200
Teeth whitening (FREE consultation) €150
Filling (small) €60
Filling (medium) €80
Filling (big) €80-120
MTA €30
Tooth reconstruction/with standard post/pim €130-170
Temporary filling €50-60
Filling For Kids €50-60
Root canal treatment front with filling/without €350/280
Root canal treatment premolar with filling/without €460/380
Root canal treatment moral with filling/without €540/440
Root canal treatment dressing (over 2 visits) €50-60
Temporary filling (after root canal treatment) FREE
Routine extraction €60-150
Milk tooth extraction €60-80
Surgical extraction €100-200
Wisdom extraction (non- surgical) €150-300
Wisdom extractions (surgical) €200-300
Metal-porcelain Crown €400
Full Ceramic Crown €550
Zirconium Crown €600
Temporary Crown €50
Post and Core €200
Crown fix (Per unit) €30-50
Crown / Bridge Cementation €50-70
Crown / Bridge Remove Over 1h €90
Full Porcelain Veneers (Per unit) €550
Full Ceramic Bridge (Three Units) €1450
Full Zirconium Bridge (Three Units) €1450
Zirconium Crown €600
Metal / Ceramic Bridge (three units) €900
Acrylic Complete Denture (Upper/Lower) €400-600
Metal Chrome - Colbat Denture €900-1000
Mini Denture (1-3 teeth/4-9 teeth) €200/220
Denture Repairs/ With impression €50/90
Add 1 tooth €20
Reline Denture €100
Consultation with orthodontist (including panoramic x-ray and study models) €50
Metal Braces (one arch/two arches) €250/€500
Porcelain Braces (one arch/two arches) €600/€1200
Braces: Clear Aligners System: * 1 arch €300 every 5 weeks, the approximate lenght of the treatment will be specified by the Dentist. €300
Braces: Clear Aligners System: * 2 arches (top and bottom) €500 every 5 weeks, the approximate lenght of the treatment will be specified by the Dentist. €500
Six Month Smile System (full price) €2500
Control visit every 4-5 weeks (one arch/two arches) €80/€100
Visit control (patients from other clinics) €100-200
Visit control for children every 4-5 weeks €60
Removable Appliances (acrylic plate) (one arch/two arches) €350/€700
Control Visit for removable appliances (one arch or two arches) €50
Removing Braces + Retainers (one arch/two arches) €250/€400
Fixed Retainer €150
Fixed Retainer Repair €50
Night guard (One arch) €120-150
Consultation with Oral Surgeon (including panoramic x-ray, treatment plan) €50
Complete Titanium Implant with the Crown €1250
Metal/Ceramic Crown on the Implant €650
Full Ceramic Crown on the Implant €750
Bone Augmentatioin + Membrane €250-€300
Bone Graft and Stiches after extraction €150

What Our Patients Say

I would recommend the clinic.Clinic has everything what patient need for treatment .they are doing consultations ,x- rays and after, professional staff advice u best treatment for u. In my case i took metal braces .im just waiting for first results 🙂


Very nice and professional dental service in Clinic4u, I highly recommend Dr. Magdalena .

Magdalena Gintrowska

Meet our Dental Specialists

Our team of caring and trustworthy professionals offer the full spectrum of dental treatments,
from routine to cosmetic dentistry

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Dr Firmino Neto – Orthodontic expert at Clinic4u Dental Clinic

At Clinic4u we provide all types of orthodontic treatments.

Dr Firmino Neto is an orthodontist from a globally relevant specialisation school, He has been focused on orthodontic challenges since 2007.

Dr Firmino Neto


15 years experience

Master’s degree, Dentistry

















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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got a medical card and wish to visit a dentist contact us today and make an appointment. 


Medical Card Holders and Dental Health

Here is what the Citizens Information advises members of the public who have a medical card.


The Irish Dental Association (IDA) advises members of the public to first contact us to see what treatment you are entitled to.


The HSE says “Application for approval for such treatments should be made to the Principal Dental Surgeon.”


PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme.

The PRSI Dental Treatment Benefit Scheme is administered by the Treatment Benefit Section of the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Patients are entitled to one annual oral examination.

You can contact the Department of Social and Family affairs to enquire about what dental care you may be entitled to, their number is 1890 400 400 extension 44480.

The medical card is an extremely important entitlement, with over 1.5 million Medical Card holders in Ireland. There are a number of benefits to having medical card cover, and among them are dental benefits, which are provided by dentists in the community through the Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS).

Adults over the age of 16 who have a valid medical card can access a number of dental services and treatments, including:

  • A Dental Examination
  • Issue of Prescription
  • Fillings (two per calendar year)
  • Extractions as necessary
  • Dentures (with HSE approval)
  • Root Canal Treatment on front teeth (with HSE approval)

However, the medical card does not cover every treatment and it’s important to check your medical card cover before your appointment with us. Some more complex treatments such as dentures or root canal treatment can be covered, but require the approval of the HSE before the dentist can proceed. In such a case, the dentist applies directly to the HSE on your behalf in order to get that approval.

Additional treatments like teeth cleaning are available to those persons with specific medical conditions and again, we will be able to advise you of your entitlement if this is the case. If you need such treatment, the HSE dental section may require written documentation outlining your medical condition and/or medications from your GP or other relevant medical person.

At Clinic4u, we are a community-focused, reliable and friendly team that wants to offer you the very best care and attention. It is important to us that we look after our patients, so we can give them every benefit for which they are eligible.

For more information on medical card cover for dental treatments, check out the HSE website.

If you’re looking to book an appointment to claim medical card cover, call us now to schedule an appointment and get the help and care that you need. Clinic4u practice is open late, on weekends and during lunchtime, so make sure you consult our opening hours for more information

Accident and Emergency Services

The Accident and Emergency service is limited to pain relief for people who have had a dental accident or who require emergency treatment to deal with:

  • Bleeding / Haemorrhage
  • Serious infection
  • Visible swelling in or around the mouth
  • Severe pain
  • Injuries as a result of a recent trauma / accident

Patients are advised to contact the Dentist at Clinic4u for other dental services.

A dentist will determine whether your dental problem is appropriate for treatment by our Accident and Emergency team. 

If you are accepted for emergency care, the Accident and Emergency team will do their best to treat you.  The treatment may be just temporary – sufficient to relieve the pain and prevent serious damage until you can attend your own Dentist or your Health Board Dentist.

We cannot guarantee that our Accident and Emergency team will be able to provide you with help.

Please note to access the emergency service an appointment is required.  

If you have a severe dental emergency outside working hours, you should contact your nearest general hospital.

How do I contact the  Emergency Out of Hours Service?

To access this service you must telephone in advance.  Do not turn up as emergency service is managed by appointment only.


Call Now 076 888 8787


When you dial this number please leave your message if no reply, as you will be connected to our answering service.

After the message you will hear a beep (tone), state clearly your name and the telephone number where you can be reached for the next two hours

A dentist will telephone you as soon as possible and advise you as to what to do next.